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Infrastructure Tejaji found that dacoits who had stolen the cows of Lachhan Gujariwere dacoit's people. The myth is that he encountered a snake burning in fire that was saved by Teja. That snake cursed Teja and wanted to bite Teja. He promised to come back after bringing his wife Pemal. He was badly wounded in the process to bring Gujari's cows back from dacoits. Veer Teja was man of words. While returning he kept his words and produced himself before the snake. The snake did not find unwounded place on the body of Teja so he offered to bite on tongue. The snakebite was on tongue of Teja. Teja died due to snakebite on 28 August 1103.
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Chairman C.R.Chaudhary Admin Kamal Keskar Late Shri Bhanwar Singh Dangawas

Veer Teja ji is considered to be folk-deity and worshiped in entire Rajasthan by all communities. He was born on Friday, magha shukla 14 samvat 1130 (29 January 1074), in the family of DhaulyagotraJats. His father was Chaudhary Tahar, a chieftain of Kharnalin Nagaurdistrict in Rajasthan. His mother's name was Sugna. Mother Sugna is believed to have got son Teja ji by the blessings of Naga-deity.

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